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12/2 Winter is here



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W. Q. Faris

7/7 - Tanabata

Hello!Summer is in full swing in north Japan and the Tanabata Festival is today. From our little group here, may all your wishes come true!William Farissmartimports.net

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4/22 Spring is here?

Hello! Just for fun we thought we'd share a video we made hiking in the spring snow of northern Japan! It has nothing to do with the shop, but shows off the beautiful area where we are located!

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10/15 - Limited Edition Realforce R2 87-key Speedy Silent

Autumn has arrived! And with it we've got the new PFU Limited Edition Realforce R2 87-key Speedy and Silent model. It comes in white (or "ivory" actually with some grey keys) or black, and features all 45g keys with the same silent feature as the HHKB Type-S series. Customizable LED lights are also a nice [...]

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6/28 - New HHKB Transporter

A new official HHKB case has been released! Take a look at this beauty!http://www.smartimports.net/pfu-hhkb-pro-keyboard-transporter-case/

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5/10 - Youtube post from France, etc.

Hello!A Youtuber from France bought one of our HHKB Pro2s and posted a review (in French). Take a look!We've also lowered some prices on keyboard and audio goods a bit, and and are getting into the spring swing. Hope everyone is enjoying themselves this May!William Fariswww.smartimports.net

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3/31 - Seiko SARB-17 in stock again

Hello!Apologies for running out of the Seiko SARB017 this month. We now have more in stock, though if last month is anything to go by, they will disappear quickly!At your service,William Fariswww.smartimports.net

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1/5 - Acrolink update

Hello again!Just a quick note to mention that the long popular Acrolink 7N-P4030II was retired by Acrolink and replaced with the new 7N-P4040 cable. The details of this this improved product are here:http://www.smartimports.net/acrolink-7n-p4040f-7n-...And in Japanese here:http://www.acrolink.jp/products/7n_p4040f.htmlWilliam

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1/5 - 2018 is upon us!

Happy New Year!2018 is upon us and the three of us here at smartimports.net wish you all the best in the coming year.Some long overdue refreshing of the catalog is already underway, and we plan to start up a few other social channels in coming year to introduce excellent Japanese products that may not be [...]

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7/14 - So hot in Japan...

In the north of Japan it's officially the "rainy season" but there is no rain. Just 90 degree heat. (Or around 34 for those of you more used to Celsius.) But we are struggling on!In terms of new products, PFU has just released white versions of their HHKB Pro Bluetooth Keyboard.We also added a wood [...]

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